Affise announces integration with Billoid

It’s our pleasure to announce a new Billoid full integration with Affise, performance marketing platform to manage, track, analyse and optimise online advertising campaigns in real-time.

Affise is a SaaS Marketing Platform for advertisers, agencies, and networks to manage, track, analyse and optimise their online advertising campaigns in real-time. Created for affiliate marketers by affiliate marketers the platform allows you to create, kickstart and manage your affiliate network in the most efficient way. With advanced functional that Affise offers marketers are equipped with everything to analyze and optimize their performance.

Our billing integration with Affise will enable their integrated users, advertisers, agencies, and networks to automate their billing processes and remain in compliance with any tax legislation, both national and worldwide.

It is a perfect match, Affise will let networks focus on the core of their business and its growth, at the time when Billoid takes over all financial workflow.  From now on Billoid smart data processing will provide networks with full control over their cash flow and all needed data for smart financial decision-making.

With Billoid integration Affise clients will be able to:
  • Speed up your payout processes by automating manual flows like compliance checks, invoice generation, invoice management or tax document management
  • Automate the invoice generation for advertisers and publishers based on your Affise data and make invoices available within the Affise dashboard
  • Take out labour-intensive workflows on your finance process and automate your advertiser & publisher invoicing while staying compliant at the same time
  • Customize and automate your compliance flows according to your requirements. Collect necessary tax forms or contracts from your clients and make them mandatory for your compliance checks before invoicing advertisers or credit publishers
  • Streamline your process from tracking your marketing activities with Affise to paying your publishers and collecting payments from advertisers.
"We are pleased to work with such a reliable billing technology provider as Billoid. It’s essential for our customers to have a safe billing solutions and now we are sure that  we can provide them with such. That’s exactly the same stack of solutions that companies are looking for. Automated Invoicing and payments, cash flow and tax compliance management form crucial workflow part that must be taken care of."

Dmitry Zotov, CTO, Affise

"We are more than happy to partner with an outstanding technology provider as Affise. In a quick-moving industry like ours, reliable, efficient and innovative technology is a key factor for the success of digital marketing companies. We found, that the highly experienced and customer-oriented Affise team is providing exactly what marketers are looking for in order to scale their business. The combination of the Affise tracking platform and our leading billing technology will bring huge advantages to performance networks and agencies who are struggling to cope with time consuming administrative and financial tasks."

Jens Wessel, CEO, Zendri

If you would like to learn more about the integration, please do not hesitate to contact us at